Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Women's Workshops

Hi, everyone. We are down to 6 weeks before the first Women's Power Building Workshop. We cannot wait to begin this innovative set of workshops. These are a compilation of workshops we have created and presented to small & large groups/companies in the past. We have put together these set of workshops to assist women in the South Florida community to receive these tools and skills to master life. Please let us know if there are additional ways to enhance the workshops. Check out our Professional Toolbox website (Women's seminar section) for times, topics, costs, place, and how to enroll. PTC


Anonymous said...

Are there discounts for the Sept 7th seminar? Joan

Professional Toolbox Consultants said...

Yes, There are several ways to get discounts..Call the office for discount info and to register. Several ways to get discounts are: If you are signing up as 3 or more people, if you are utilizing Natural Awakenings Monday Specials,and if you are a client or family member of clients in Professional Toolbox Consultants Psychotherapy practice. Professional Toolbox Consultants

steve said...

Well thats a great opportunity out there in woman's workshop. I need to know one thing, so you charge some amount of fees or something for the registration or is it for free???
Please do reply..
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