Sunday, October 21, 2007

Assertive Communication

There are many communication skills that assist all of us in communicating assertively. One of these skills is Limit Setting.

Limit setting is:
Defining the parameters of a job, relationship, or situation, so that each person knows what to expect from one another.

Benefits of LIMIT SETTING:
· Allows you to clarify expectations
· Helps to avoid misunderstandings
· Helps to prevent unnecessary conflicts

Guidelines for using LIMIT-SETTING:
1. Communicate assertively by letting others know what you will or will not do regarding a job, task, responsibility, or relationship

2. Clarify responsibilities, establish agreements, and set specific dates, times, and expectations for how a task is to be completed.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Enhancing Communication (Part 2)

What is your communication style?

1.Aggressive-Domineering, forceful, disrespects others

Do you speak up for your thoughts, feelings, and wishes, while trampling on the on others’ people’s needs in the process?
Do you humiliate others with sarcasm or put-downs?
Do you verbally attack people when you don’t get your way?
Do you move with an superiority and strength- to intimidate others?

2. Passive-Hesitant, insecure, withdrawn, disrespects self

Are you indirect with your thoughts, feelings, and desires?
Do you withhold your thoughts, feelings, and desires?
Do you hesitate to speak up? Using disclaimers when you do “This is probably not right, but……..
Do you put your needs down in favor of others’ needs?
Do you find it difficult to make requests?
Do you find it difficult to say “NO” to the requests of others?
Do you speak in soft, wavering voice…or feel at a loss for words?

3.Assertive- Direct, firm, honest, win-win, respects self and others

Do you stand up for your thoughts feelings and wishes, while respecting the others feelings in the process?
Do you deal with criticism directly without defensiveness or hostility?
Do you listen attentively, letting others know you have heard them?
Do you respond to people with a balance of listening and talking?
Are you open to compromise without giving up your own rights and dignity?
Do you make request and say “no” in a confident manner?

Figure out who you are in the here and now ______________?

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