Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anger Management Tools

Here are some tools and skills to help manage anger:

Relaxation Techniques

• Deep Breathing
• Counting to 10
• Imagery or meditation

Rational Thinking and Self-Talk

• “Just stay cool, getting angry won’t help”
• “I am in control, I can walk away instead of losing it”
• Avoid being “demanding”
• Think in terms of “cooperation” rather than “winning”
• Avoid rigid thinking
• Challenge your “shoulds” and “musts”
• Increase insight into what battles are worth fighting; also be aware of the price of winning/losing.

Behavioral Techniques

• Talk about it
• Physical Activity (esp. cardio-vascular exercise)
• Walk away
• Practice assertiveness
• Thought stopping techniques
• Distraction techniques
• Avoid labeling
• Rehearse healthy “self-talk” for times you are likely to become angry
• Lower your voice

Tips in Diffusing Anger in Others

Most important keep yourself safe……if this is physical get to a safe place!!!!!

1. Stay calm
2. Keep voice low and even ( stop escalation)
3. If physically safe, sit down to model you are not a threat
4. Being non-defensive
5. Listen to what is being said
6. Focus on the issue not the other person’s behaviors
7. Be empathetic
8. Avoid advice giving
9. Avoid telling the other person how they feel or how to feel
10. Admit when you are wrong, but do not apologize when not responsible

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