Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tips to Improve Self Esteem

Tips for improving self-esteem:

1.Use visualization to achieve your dreams and increase your self- esteem!

2. Develop and work at achieving your goals. If you do this, your confidence will increase and you will feel positive.

3. Be aware of and make a conscience effort to change negative/self sabotaging self-talk.

4. Identify and embrace your feelings; even those you do not like.

5. Be aware of how you compare yourself to others.

6. Clarify your values and make decisions that are in alignment with these values.

7. Identify your strengths. Focus on your strengths.

8. Make a point to learn something new everyday.

9. Make an effort to start your day on a positive note.

10. Make a list of accomplishments.

11. Learn to reframe perceived failures and don’t be afraid to “fail” in the future.

12. Exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and generally take good care of yourself.

13. Cultivate a social life and associate with people who help promote your overall well-being.

14. Utilize positive affirmations and/or meditations on a daily basis.

15. Congratulate yourself as often as possible.


jaime said...

I love this! Easy things to do but they make such a difference!

Professional Toolbox Consultants, LLC said...

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Anonymous said...

this is just marvelous.this article makes me more enthusiastic with my life considering my dreaded past.thanks a bunch.
carol smith
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Professional Toolbox Consultants, LLC said...

Thank you for visiting our blog. Take care. Lisa