Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Self Esteem Tool

Self Esteem Box

Clients and the therapists I supervise always ask me for tips, tools and skills to build self esteem.

The building blocks of self esteem are developed while receiving praise and accolades for successes, as well as pride for self, all throughout child development. If anything got in the way of that developmental task…a person’s self esteem is possibly less full as one would like.

One of the tools that I use is a “Success Box”. This tool is for kids, teens, and adults.

As each individual creates and fills up their “success box” they have a tangible way to access their success…and this will assist someone in building upon each success... thus building a strong sense of self esteem.

Here’s how you create or help someone create a “Success box”:

Use a shoebox or a box that is the same size and decorate the box according to your personality. (My box may have suns, starts, greens, blues and purples, pictures of animals, and perhaps a collage of beach scenes). Everyone’s box is different.

As you begin the creation process, this is your “Success Box”. Start to fill the box up with letters/cards you have received praising you from others, note cards with your daily, weekly and yearly successes (any successes), awards, and your own note cards including positive thoughts about yourself.

Parents helping their kids with a “Success Box”: use fun note cards and write your child successes daily and/or as each success occurs and give it to your child to place in their box. Include praise from teachers, other parents, siblings and adults in your child’s life.

Now the box exists for when you having a low moment: Just open the box and review the contents when you need them. We build our self esteem all throughout our life…so you can continue adding to your box and reviewing the contents whenever necessary.

Have Fun!



Sri said...

Thanks for an excellent suggestion. I think I will create this tool box for presenting to all my friends.


Professional Toolbox Consultants, LLC said...

We are so glad that you visited our blog! Enjoy creating your box. Peace and Hope, Lisa

jaime said...

I love this idea! I want to make one for Trey, for when he gets older! I also like to save/print out emails from people who are important to me, and read over them when I need a "boost".....
and of course, gotta have purple on the box! ;)
hope your summer is going well, Lisa!
be well,

Professional Toolbox Consultants, LLC said...

Hey Jaime, I am excited that you like my idea. I get really positive responses from the box. Enjoy the summer in NYC. lisa

ANAD Broward said...

I love this idea Lisa! Thanks so much for posting. I have stuff all over the place and it is a great idea to make a success box to keep it all together. Will work on it when I get back home!

Love the click comments on your blog!! :-)

Lily C.

Professional Toolbox Consultants, LLC said...

Thanks to ANAD Broward we have the click comments. We love 'em.
Glad you like the post. Enjoy creating your 'success box'. Thank you for stopping by....lisa