Monday, May 26, 2008

Job Satisfaction

Be Positive-Be Productive

Job satisfaction is a major component of emotional well-being. Increased job satisfaction also promotes greater productivity. The key to experiencing greater job satisfaction is gaining control over how you approach your job.

Every job has challenges. Tips/tools for promoting a more positive work experience include:

1. When faced with a situation at work that you do not like, think about possible solutions as opposed to dwelling on perceived problem.

2. Maintain perspective and check your focus. Nobody likes every person or task. Concentrate on aspects of the job you like and the task(s) you are charged with completing.

3. Remember that everybody is going to have good days and bad days. They tend to equal themselves out.

4. Look for ways to improve your skills to promote continued professional growth. Stagnation breeds discontentment.

5. Look for ways to break up monotony (i.e.: Become crossed trained or volunteer for different tasks).

6. Avoid negative “self-talk”. The more you tell yourself that you do not like your job the more likely you are to validate your beliefs.

7. Another key aspect of experiencing job satisfaction is to clarify what motivates or inspires you. People tend to approach their work from three primary perspectives; job, career, and/or calling.

Job oriented people view their work primarily as a source of income. They work to finance other aspects of their lives or to accumulate wealth.

Career oriented people tend to focus on advancement. They look for ways to climb the corporate ladder or obtain the next highest title.

Some individuals view what they do as their calling. These people truly identify with and to a greater extent, enjoy what they do at work.
We are all motivated at some level by each of these three perspectives. But knowing which holds the most weight for you will help you focus your energies in a more fulfilling and productive direction.

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