Saturday, April 19, 2008

Professional Toolbox Store

PTC is so excited to be able to offer you relaxation music produced by Dr. Harry Henshaw...
Perfect for Relaxation, Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Sleep & Stress Relief.

You can enhance your relaxation, sleep, and overall wellbeing with this collection of music that is composed with binaural tones and relaxing natural sounds.

Lisa Friedman, LCSW (PTC) utilizes this same music as the background in hypnotherapy sessions at the office and wellness workshops.

Visit our website to purchase these music downloads at


Anonymous said...

I downloaded the music/ "fantasia" off you website. I love it!!! It helps me relax and sleep. I am going to try the Gentle Ocean next.
Thank you. Lanie

Anonymous said...

I ordered Gentle Dreams off your website. It was delightful. jack

Professional Toolbox Consultants, LLC said...

I am so glad that people are enjoying the relaxation downloads. I use fantasia and gentle dreams all the time in the office (to decrease my client's stress and also to aid in hypnosis). Lisa

ANAD Broward said...

I ordered Fantasia and it is a wonderful piece. Great for relaxation!!! I love it!