Friday, November 2, 2007

Assertive Communication

“I” vs. “U” Statements

As discussed in an older post, I vs. U statements are the cornerstone to communicating ASSERTIVELY.

Definition: Using the pronoun “I” to take responsibility and to promote cooperation and understanding when making statements to others. This is in contrast to using the pronoun “you” when addressing another person.

Benefits of Using “I” vs. “U”:
· Allows you to take 100% responsibility and ownership of ideas and feelings
· Promotes cooperation and understanding.
· Less threatening

Negatives associated with using “YOU” statements:
· Sounds accusatory
· Sounds judgmental
· Sounds threatening

Guidelines for formulating “I” statements are:

· Communicate Assertively
Being assertive means that you express your thoughts, feelings and
ideas in a direct, open, honest, and sincere manner.

· Begin Your Statements with “I”:
Get in the habit of taking responsibility and ownership for your
statements by consciously beginning your statements with the
pronoun “I”.

Check out the older post on I vs U for extra tips.

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