Friday, September 7, 2007

Women- A Tool For Balancing Your Life

Managing multiple tasks, continually balancing priorities and maintaining healthy relationships is a challenge for even the most capable person. Doing this requires skills, tools, and tricks that most people have not mastered or do not know exist. Here is a self-assessment tool to assist in creating better balance your life.

Write the number 24 (this is 24 hours a day) and start subtracting each part of your day. Start with the areas where you utilize the most hours. See the example:
-----------------------------------24-hour day

SLEEP--------------------------- 7
WORK--------------------------- 8
FAMILY TIME-------------------3
--------------------------------- ____
------------------------------------ 0

0 time left for wellness activities/household chores/friends/other activities

This example validates what many women are currently feeling. After using this assessment tool, this woman identified commute time as one area that can be changed. After changing her work hours (non-rush hour), she increased her available hours. With this additional two hours, she incorporated exercise, light mediation, and household chores into her daily life.

Witness your specific juggling act. Is your health poor? Finding no “me time”? No energy for significant others? This self-assessment tool can help to identify where your time and energy is spent and what in your life is being neglected (exercise, eating well, food shopping, journaling, friendships, relationships, and any wellness activity).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks that was a really cool tip. I ran the numbers and it was enlightening. Jodi