Saturday, September 22, 2007

Maintaining Exercise Motivation

1. Start with realistic expectations.

2. Identify barriers to your motivation (Example: I am tired if I come home first)

3. Create a reasonable plan for each barrier. (Example: I bring my workout clothes with me to work and go straight to my karate class after work.)

4. Schedule your workouts in your calendar/day-timer.

5. Keep a journal.

6. Use positive affirmations for health and wellness.(Example: I feel healthy; I enjoy my karate class; I feel more alive when I exercise)

7. If time does not permit a full workout do half your workout that day.

8. Make it fun. Do exercise that you enjoy. Try group exercise like marshal arts, yoga, pilates. The group pushes you to go on.....

9. Get a buddy.

10. If you are working on your recovery from an eating disorder or health problem, please consult you doctor, nutritionist, and/or your therapist for a healthy exercise plan.

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