Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year New You

The New Year is a time when people reflect on the year gone by, but more importantly it is a time when many people make promises to themselves to live their lives in a more effective manner. The most common New Years Resolutions revolve around being healthier, improving financial situation and/or strengthening family, work and social relationships. Surveys indicate that the majority of people who make new years resolutions are confident that they are going to be able to keep them. However further research indicates that less than 20% of these people actually achieve their goal. The following are some tips you can use that greatly enhance your ability to accomplish whatever you set out to do.
• State your goal in behavioral terms (Instead of saying “I want to be healthier”, define what behaviors you plan to utilize to achieve this goal).

• Make sure that your goal is measurable

• Set goals that are realistic

• Focus on behaviors that you personally control.

• Make sure that the goal you set is for you, not somebody else.

• Tell others about your goals and utilize family and friends as support.

• Write your goals on a piece of paper where you can see it often.

• Monitor your progress. Reward yourself for any move in a positive direction.

Be open to trying new behaviors if some you are already using are not working.

• Focus on “progress not perfection”

Setting goals and achieving them, especially when they entail making lifestyle changes, is often frustrating. Seeking the guidance and coaching of a professional can often increase your chances of success by helping you identify and define goals more effectively and providing support and encouragement in helping you to stay on task. To discuss in more detail how you can make effective changes in your professional and personal life call counselors at PTC ( 954-741-1099).

Have a safe and happy New Year!!

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It's also important to perfect your mental health, though.