Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prevent Breast Cancer

Thermography - also known as thermal imaging or digital infrared imaging, is the earliest breast screening tool available today and is over 97% accurate in the early detection of breast cancer. Thermography uses no compression, no radiation, and is designed to detect abnormal vascular growth in the breast tissue 8-10 years earlier than any other imaging method. An abnormal vascular growth is very foreign to the body, creating the heat and and inflammation that is detected with thermal imaging. Thermography is so sensitive, that it can detect the slightest change in your breast tissue in as little as 256 cancer cells. However, for a mammogram to detect breast cancer, over 4 BILLION cancer cells are needed. Mammography is detection once you have breast cancer; thermography is prevention, alerting you early enough to begin the process of reversing the new abnormal vascularity, with a nutritional program and hormone balancing, if needed. Breast cancer is highly dependent on imbalance hormones so be sure to get your hormones checked and balanced. Everyone should be made aware of this valuable screening tool so we can prevent this epidemic disease.

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Donna J. Tomey, C.C.T.
Thermography First, LLC